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The morning of Russia. It begins at the shores of the Pacific Ocean, where mighty waves meet the Ussury taiga, where the sea romance covers our city with a special veil. It begins in Vladivostok.Vladivostok ("Ruler of the East" from the Russian words vladet and vostok) is the capital and the largest city of Primorye. With a population of more than 660,000 people , it is also the largest city of the Russian Far East and, of course, one of the most interesting and remarkable cities of Russia. Vladivostok is among the ten most prospective cities of the world, as determined by the special UNESCO Commission. Of all the European-style cities it is the closest to the Asian Pacific region.

    One can tell a lot about this great city, but still it is better to see it by yourself. So, welcome to this city on a Panoramic tour that visits the viewpoint near Del Mar restaurant - an observation platform which affords panoramic views of the city, Have a photo stop at Central Square - the place of various meetings and demonstrations and Submarine monument-former submarine which has been turned into a naval museum. Your bus departs from the pier of the Sea Terminal which is located in the center of the city with arrival at the same pier after approximately 3-4 hours. The ride will pass the historical and modern parts of the city, it`s outstanding architectural buildings and memorable sights.  

           The central square is officially known as the "Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East." In the center stands a monument which central focus is a trumpeter - the symbol of Vladivostok - often depicted on souvenir pins, books and brochures.The square is located at the intersection of two major streets and is home to the House of Administration of Primorsky territory. It is the place of various meetings , demonstrations and farmers markets.

       On visiting Vladivostok, a Norwegian arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930) wrote, ”Vladivostok looks very beautiful from the sea. It is hardly inferior to this respect to any other city. Situated on the terraces, it looks very much like Naples. It`s true, there is no Vesuveus in the background but there is a magnificent harbor and delightful islands instead.The viewpoint provides vistas across the waters and to the hilly islands scattered over the Peter the Great Bay which frames the whole scene. Looking ”like some sea princess” jewels carelessly tossed on the blue velvet” from the great height, the 22 islands spatter the approaches to the city. With its numerous peninsulars, capes, islands – highly fragmented coastline – and thoroughfares, streets, and lanes climbing to the hills and overlooking the waters, Vladivostok enjoys a gorgeous cityscape. Then move along Golden bridge , a unique construction across the Golden Horn Bay which provides reliable transport connection between the city districts and the network of federal auto roads of the country. The construction of the bridge across began on July 25, 2008. Its total length is 2.1 kilometers, 737 meters of it above the sea. The structure is upheld by 192 cable stays, 12 pillars and two towers. It is one of the seven longest cable-stayed bridges in the world .

Submarine monument (passing)-is a part of complex dedicated to the World War,II. A former submarine has been preserved and a portion of its hull turned into a naval museum. And, of course, you will visit a modern building of Mariinsky theatre (Primorsky branch) and enjoy one of the traditional classical Russian performances. it goes without saying that artists are the most important part of any theater. Primorsky Stage invites talented individuals from all over the world: musicians from Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theaters; international award-winning opera singers; and ballet dancers from Korea, Japan, and the United States. The cast is young, bright, and incredibly talented.The music will fascinate you, well-known performancers will charm you with their professionalism and the action will captivate you.There will be love, beauty,miracle and happiness. But well not run ahead... Youll see everything yourself.

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