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Let us spend a fun day in a spectacular theme park filled with attractions ranging from amazing natural scenery made up of the green of the forest, the blue of the sea, white sandy beaches, ancient archaeological sites and hundreds of species of exotic animals not to mention cenotes, lagoons, underground rivers and much more.

What we will see
  • Ferry to Playa del Carmen
  • Xcaret eco theme park
  • Beach and snorkelling
  • Mayan archaeological sites
  • Yucatán fauna
  • Swimming excursion in underground rivers

What we will do
  • From the pier in Cozumel we take the ferry to Playa del Carmen on the Yucatán coast.
  • From here, we move on to the Xcaret eco theme park that boasts many attractions focusing on Mexico’s natural and historical wealth.
  • One of the main attractions is a cove where we can snorkel and admire countless colourful fish swimming alongside us.
  • The park is dotted with archaeological sites, testimonies of the ancient Mayan community who used to inhabit this area and considered a major ceremonial centre, as it was the starting point of ritual pilgrimages by canoe to Cozumel to pay homage to the goddess Ixchel.
  • Animal lovers will have many opportunities to get acquainted with the Yucatán fauna as the park includes an amazing aquarium dedicated to the coral reef, one of the few where it is possible to admire typical reef structures in their natural habitat, a pavilion with beautiful native butterflies, areas inhabited by colourful parrots, jaguars, sea turtles, manatees and much more.
  • The more adventurous can go on a thrilling swimming excursion in the underground rivers flowing beneath the park. We float around in the crystal-clear waters for 30 minutes admiring part of the canal network that flows underneath the Riviera Maya.

What you need to know
  • The ferry transfer to Playa del Carmen takes approximately 45 minutes.
  • The sea might get rough, so those who deem it necessary can take sea sickness tables before setting off on the excursion.
  • The entry ticket includes only some attractions.