Miyako's Best Tourist Attractions w.Lunch (CH)

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This tour takes you to the best places of Miyakojima Island.Firstly, you visit Irabu Ohashi bridge which is the Longest Toll-free Bridge in Japan!! “Irabu Ohashi Bridge” finally Opened in 2016. After passing bridge, you'll stop at Sawada no Hama where is listed as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in Japan, offers truly breathtaking views of the setting sun. When the ocean settles back, reveal a rough landscape scattered with large boulders deposited when a powerful tsunami struck in 1771. After Sawada no hama beach where you can take a beautifull pictures at the beach sides, go to Shimoji airport, also known as a 'training airport' for commercial pilots, where people come to take a picture of planes. And then, you go to “Toori-ike Pond” which deeply attracts you with its mysterious atmosphere.The pond with such a unique, irresistible presence is designated as national scenic beauty and national natural treasure. Finally you visit No. 1 Beach in Irabu Island ! “Toguchi no Hama Beach” ,situated on the southwest of Irabu Island, the natural sand beach spreads about 50m wide, about 800m long as it unfolds in a gentle curve. After that, go to the restaurant where you can enjoy the Japanese traditional Miyakojima menu. After lunch, enjoy shopping at Aeon shopping center.