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    Sightseeing, Meal included

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An excursion to discover the views and traditions of the southern part of the island retracing the history of Gotland - from the Viking civilisation and Christianisation period down to the farming culture of the past few centuries.

What we will see
  • Ruins of the Roma monastery
  • Viking dwelling
  • Bottarvegården open-air museum
  • Hoburgsgubben
  • Restaurant lunch
  • Church of Öja
  • Gnisvärd and Gallows Hill

What we will do

  • We leave the port behind us and head south of Visby stopping by the fascinating ruins of the Cistercian Roma monastery, located almost at the exact centre of the island and built in the 12th century on a site that was probably already used in ancient times as a sacred site.
  • We cross the village of Hemse and visit the Bottarvegården open-air museum where we learn more about the lifestyle and traditions of the locals in a rather well-preserved typical farm dating back to the 19th century.
  • We then reach Hoburgsgubben, one of the most famous and enchanting Gotland rauks - a granite formation shaped when the glaciers retreated with a shape resembling the face of a man.
  • Afterwards, we enjoy a lovely restaurant lunch to top up our energy reserves before the second part of the excursion.
  • In the afternoon, we visit the church of Öja, one of the largest and most interesting of the island with its magnificent interior boasting many works of art including a richly-decorated wooden crucifix.
  • We then cross Gnisvärd, a picturesque fishing village, and make one last spectacular stop at the Gallows Hill for an excellent view over the precipitous coastline and Visby.