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We set off to discover the island of Mahé from an unusual point of view and admire its natural beauty from above.

What we will see
  • Mahé from above
  • North itinerary: Sainte Anne Marine National Park
  • Eden Island and Victoria

  • South itinerary: Intendance and Grand Police

  • Domaine de Val De Pres

What we will do
  • We reach the local airport for a thrilling excursion by air over the island of Mahé to discover its most beautiful views as well as its most hidden recesses.
  • The pilot selects an itinerary depending on weather conditions. There is either a northern or a southern route, but both are spectacular.
  • The northern itinerary will take us over the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, a true temple for flora and fauna that also includes an archipelago with magnificent heavenly islands: Ile au Cerf, Ronde, Moyenne and Longue.
  • Our aircraft continues towards Eden Island, a private artificial island covering over 40 hectares and connected to Mahé via a bridge, and over Victoria, the small capital of the archipelago. We then head back to the airport as we continue to admire amazing stretches of coast and hidden inlets.
  • The southern itinerary passes over the lush vegetation of Mahé and the spectacular white beaches of Intendance and Frand Police, two of the most beautiful bays on the island.
  • We admire the waves crushing majestically onto the granite cliffs and continue towards Domaine de Val De Pres, a village built according to traditional Creole architecture with the objective of promoting the cultural heritage of the Seychelles.

What you need to know

This excursion does not include the services of a guide but a local escort will be present. 

The number of places for this excursion is limited so it is recommended to book early. 

You must be in good physical condition. 

This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems. It is recommended to wear comfortable and casual clothing. 

Children under 4 years old and pregnant women cannot participate. The pilot will select an itinerary depending on the weather conditions: the Northern or the Southern route. 

To participate Guests have to bring their original passport.