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    Port Mahon

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    Nature excursion

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Let us explore the natural wealth of Menorca as we visit an enchanting natural park located at the centre of an immense lagoon and home to countless birds as well as a spectacular lighthouse perched on wild cliffs.

What we will see
  • S'Albufera des Grau natural park
  • Stopover at Es Grau
  • Far de Favàritx

What we will do
  • The island of Menorca was declared a **Biosphere Reserve** by UNESCO as recognition of the harmonious coexistence between the locals and nature. We cannot miss the opportunity to admire its most beautiful sights!
  • The first stop on our tour takes us to the **s'Albufera des Grau Natural Park**, with a lagoon covering almost 70 hectares separated from the sea by a narrow stretch of sand.
  • Let us explore this marvellous habitat surrounded by hills covered in thick shrubs and magnificent tamarind woods, a true **paradise for ornithology lovers**: entire colonies of migratory birds can be admired here, especially in winter.
  • After our visit, we make a brief **stop at Es Grau**, a small hamlet overlooking a very long beach divided into two by a rocky promontory.
  • We get back on our coach and head north to admire the **Far de Favàritx**, built in 1922 on a rocky promontory and surrounded by blocks of black slate lapped by the waves where the lack of vegetation and wild cliffs create lunar landscapes that are entirely different from the rest of the island.

What you need to know
  • The excursion involves a lot of walking on demanding ground.