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A tour to discover one of the pearls of the Adriatic, Polignano a Mare, a wonderfully enchanting little town perched above the sea with its rocky cliffs and typical white houses, ready to welcome tourists with extraordinarily beautiful glimpses of the beaches, creeks and crystal clear water. Not to be missed!

What we will see
  • Rocky cliffs and marine caves
  • Grotta Palazzese
  • White houses and concentric alleys in the historic town centre
  • Free time for some shopping, a tour of the town centre or to relax on the beach

What we will do
  • Polignano has Greek origins and is situated on a steep, karst, rocky cliff (24 metres high) overlooking the Adriatic sea.
  • Due to the karst cliff, you’ll find numerous caves (about 70 in all) along the wall, inhabited in prehistoric times.
  • The most fascinating of these marine caves and worth visiting is undoubtedly the famous Grotta Palazzese. Once called Cave of the Palace, as it was owned by a lord, it can be accessed from the sea by boat and by land via narrow steps in the rock which today lead to one of the most exclusive restaurants in town.
  • Leaving behind the coast and its caves, we can visit the well-preserved historic town centre of Polignano, where an echo of the different Arab, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman cultures continues to linger.
  • The typical white houses with their tiny flowered courtyards form a tangle of concentric alleys stretching out to the blue sea with sheer, picturesque terraces and views, in a unique mix of colours and fragrances.
  • You’ll have 3 hours to explore this splendid little town on your own: you can stroll along the streets of the town centre for some shopping and taste an excellent ice cream, or relax on the beach**.

What you need to know
  • This excursion does not include a guide or a local rep.