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    Nature excursion, Entertainment, Tasting

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A fun, thrilling excursion for all the family: we visit a husky breeding centre and take a trip into the mountains with a group of dogs before making our way back to camp and discover typical local products.

What we will see

  • Husky breeding centre
  • Trekking with a pack of huskies
  • Stunning landscapes and the chance to see local wildlife
  • Tasting of typical local products
  • Dessert at a lavvo
  • Pet and play with husky puppies

What we will do
  • We set out from Tromsø by coach and make our way northwards to visit a husky breeding centre in the midst of some stunning, unspoilt wild country.
  • In the company of our guide, we are introduced to the handsome, thick-coated huskies, a breed that is much prized for its strength and hardy constitution, qualities that make it ideal for pulling sleds. It’ll be love at first sight, as the dogs are sure to melt our hearts with their warm, gentle natures.
  • Next up is a trekking excursion into the majestic Norwegian mountains accompanied by an eager pack of our new four-legged friends. The expertly-trained huskies know the mountain paths like the back of their paws and will keep our spirits up as they pad alongside us.
  • As we walk, surrounded by harsh, towering mountain peaks, we are able to enjoy some of the Tromsø area’s breathtaking scenery. We also have the chance for a close-up look at some of the local wildlife, and learn to appreciate the natural habitats that Norway has to offer.
  • We finally make our way back to camp and taste typical local products.
  • And be sure not to miss out on an indulgent piece of chocolate cake as we enjoy dessert inside a lavvo, one of the traditional Lapp tents used as temporary shelters by the Sami people of Scandinavia .
  • Before returning to the port, we make the most of the opportunity to pet and play with some adorable husky puppies, who are guaranteed to melt even the hardest of hearts.

What you need to know
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with lmited mobility.
  • Tour will be guided in english language.