Excursion by RIB-boat to the island of Røvær

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    Sightseeing, Entertainment

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An exciting, intense excursion by RIB-boat to the island of Røvær, amidst uncontaminated nature, stories of daily life of its inhabitants and their great knowledge of the sea, the main source of sustenance for all Norwegians, from the times of the Vikings to the current era of oil.

What we will see
  • Tour of the island of Røvær
  • Tasting of a flavoursome fish soup

What we will do
  • This excursion takes us to the island of Røvær which lies approximately 10 km north west of Haugesund, in the Norwegian county of Rogaland.
  • There is a regular maritime transport express service between Røvær, the island near Feøy and the town of Haugesund.
  • Many residents of the island also have a private boat with a car parked in Haugesund which they use on the mainland.
  • The island of Røvær, or rather the islands which make up the archipelago of the same name, extend for 1.4 km² and have about 100 permanent residents (data of 2014), as well as seasonal residents and visitors who rent holiday homes or stay at the Røvær Seahouse (Røvær Sjøhus) or at the more recent Røvær Culture Hotel (Røvær Kulturhotell).
  • The permanent residents who are not retired practise agriculture, fishing, work on the ferries, teach at the local island school, work on the salmon farms or are commuters to the mainland. During our visit to the island, we’ll be able to try a tasty fish soup before returning to Haugesund.