Kokura Castle and Kitakyushu (with lunch)

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    Sightseeing, Cultural, Meal included

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Firstly we go to the Former Residence of Ito Denemon which is surrounded by an amazing 1,500 square meter garden retains the gorgeousness it had when poet Byakuren Yanagihara lived there during her 10 year marriage to Ito Denemon. In accordance with Byakuren’s wishes, a Western-style reception room in the art nouveau style, a dining room and study room, and even a flushable toilet were built in the residence for the first time in Kyushu! After the lunch, we go to Kokura Castle, the only castle left standing in Fukuoka Prefecture, first built in 1602 by Hosokawa Tadaoki and completed six years later. Kokura Castle was destroyed by fire in 1837, with parts of it rebuilt by 1839. Kokura Castle was damaged again in the violent times leading up to the Meiji Restoration in 1868, this time in fighting between the pro-imperial forces of the Choshu clan and the Tokugawa-allied Kokura clan in 1865. Then go to Riverwalk Kitakyushu, a shopping and entertainment complex with a multiplex cinema, a food court. The Riverwalk Kitakyushu design was undertaken by the same Jon Jerde-led architectural team who built the similar multi-use Canal City in Fukuoka.