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    Gang Jeong Port/Jeju

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    Sightseeing, Cultural, Shopping, Lunch not included

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On this varied tour, we will immerse ourselves in the dramatic beauty of nature at a magnificent waterfall surrounded by an emerald green forest abounding with rare species of plants and animals, before embracing the island's spirituality at a beautiful Buddhist temple.

What we will see

* Cheonjeyeon waterfalls

* Seonimgyo bridge and Cheonjeru tower

* Yakcheonsa Buddhist temple

What we will do

* Our tour begins with a visit to the **Cheonjeyeon waterfalls**, a dramatic three-tier cascade that flow out of a cave in the rock face and plunges dramatically into the ocean below.

* We will admire the first waterfall which cascades in the **”pool of the gods”**, a picturesque lake where, according to legend, seven nymphs would descend from the heavens at night to bathe in the cool waters of the pool.

* We will travel through the forest, admiring rare species of local plants, before ascending to the head of the valley to reach the **Seonimgyo bridge** which features a carving of the seven nymphs. We will visit the unusual **octagonal tower of Cheonjeru** and observe the beautiful mural of the nymphs painted on its walls.

* Our next destination is the **Yakcheonsa Buddhist temple**, a striking 30-metre-high building characterised by exquisitely ornate decorations and spectacular pagoda roofs.

* At the entrance to the temple we will be met by a gigantic **statue of Buddha-Vairocana** which, measuring almost five metres, is the largest in Korea. The walls on either side are intricately carved with portraits of Buddha and the temple is also home to an impressive bell weighing 18 tonnes!

* We will return to the port imbued with a deep sense of spirituality and peace.

What you need to know

* Minimum age: 8 years.