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Often little known and misconceived, the Rastafari culture and religion is based on a pure lifestyle that respects nature: we visit a remote village where we can observe a Rastafari community up close, take part in daily activities, discover the secrets of their craftsmanship and immerse ourselves in the music that has become synonym with this philosophy.

What we will see
  • Rastafari village
  • Information on Rastafari culture
  • Everyday village activities
  • Rastafari craft tradition
  • Typical food
  • Drum circle: the power of music

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us on a coach and reach a **remote mountain village** inhabited by a Rastafari community. The religious movement developed in Jamaica in the early 20th century and became world-famous in the 1970s thanks to its most famous follower: Reggae music legend Bob Marley.
  • Once off the coach, we cross a small stream and enter the village where we have the opportunity to **get to know the Rastafari culture**, often misconceived despite being very famous.
  • During our visit, we take part in **everyday village activities** so as to learn more about the philosophy, history and principles that characterise the movement.
  • We find out a few secrets of the **Rastafari craft tradition** such as the production of jewellery, drums or soap. 
  • We also discover the power of Jamaican medicinal herbs and enjoy some **local food** prepared according to the principles of the ital cuisine, a diet free from substances that pollute the organism such as salt and sugar.
  • We end this experience taking part in a ***drum circle***. Sitting with talented village musicians, we create our own rhythm playing drums and percussions.

What you need to know
  • A stream must be crossed to reach the village, so we recommend wearing suitable shoes.