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An exciting itinerary featuring some of the highlights of inland Japan: a sensational Shinto shrine that enjoys a breathtaking position on the side of a hill, and a theme park dedicated to porcelain, with a host of interesting activities to take part in.

What we will see
  • Visit to the Yutoku Inari Shinto shrine
  • Spectacular scarlet red architecture
  • Free time at Arita Porcelain Park
  • Reconstruction of Zwinger palace: porcelain collection
  • Beer and sake tastings
  • Porcelain workshops (ticket not included)
  • Lunch at the park
  • Shopping in a souvenir shop

What we will do
  • We will board a coach and embark on a journey through inland Japan until we reach the Yutoku Inari shrine, one of the three biggest Shinto shrines in Japan dedicated to Inari, god of rice and prosperity.
  • We can admire the shrine’s unique architecture with its two main pavilions that rise up on the side of a hill, suspended on a red terrace 18 metres high, where a series of torii gates begin, leading up to the top, where we can enjoy enchanting views.
  • Then we will move on to the town of Arita and visit Arita Porcelain Park, which recreates a strip of Germany in the heart of Japan.
  • We can admire Dresden’s Zwinger palace, which has been skilfully reconstructed both inside and out. It is home to a wonderful collection of precious European porcelain in one wing and the famous Arita-yaki, beautifully decorated ceramics typical of the town of Arita.
  • The park also offers many activities that will delight our taste buds, like the small brewery and sake factory where we can taste different varieties of the quintessential Japanese alcoholic beverage.
  • Paying a bit extra, fans of hands-on activities can have fun handling the porcelain and making an object with their own hands or decorating a ready-made object in their own style.
  • Our tour also includes a delicious lunch at the park’s facilities to fill us up with energy and make the most of a lovely opportunity to spend time with the rest of the group.
  • At the end of the excursion we will head to a local souvenir shop where we can indulge in some shopping before returning to the ship.

What you need to know
  • There is limited availability of guides that speak English and other European languages.