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    Abu Dhabi

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    Sightseeing, Cultural, Shopping, Meal included

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An excursion to see what is best in Abu Dhabi, the very modern and extremely wealthy capital of the United Arab Emirates, a multicultural cosmopolitan city where tradition meets innovation.

What we will see
  • Al Ittihad square
  • Abu Dhabi’s Corniche and impressive skyline Abu Dhabi
  • Heritage Village
  • Sheikh Zayed Exhibition with Sheikh Zayed's photographic gallery
  • Tour and lunch at the Emirates Palace
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

What we will do
  • We start our excursion with a first stop for photos at Al Ittihad Square, whose name means “union” in Arabic, to capture the spectacular white ivory monuments such as a large coffee pot and an incense burner that symbolise the typical Arab hospitality and tradition.
  • We continue the tour along the Corniche, the amazing waterfront that stretches for kilometres and from where we can admire the impressive skyline of the city with numerous ultra-modern glass skyscrapers and the elegant residential complexes that have earned Abu Dhabi the name, “Manhattan of the Persian Gulf".
  • We then reach the Heritage Village, home to a small museum and houses illustrating the everyday activities of the local community before oil was discovered at the end of the 1950s.
  • We continue our tour with the Sheikh Zayed Exhibition, a museum set up in a traditional village to pay homage to the founder sultan of the United Arab Emirates, a man close to his people, who contributed immensely to his nation and to the entire world, known for his fair decisions, generosity and willingness to help the most needy. The museum walls feature a photographic gallery of Sheikh Zayed and of many royals and visiting regional and international authorities. Personal items such as the Sultan's favourite hunting rifles are also on display.
  • Two additional galleries illustrating the days following the discovery of oil by ADCO in 1958 and a section dedicated to the history of Abu Dhabi’s police corps from its establishment to the present day are also open to the visiting public.
  • The next stop on our excursion is the Emirates Palace, where we can immerse ourselves in Abu Dhabi’s charm and where a delicious lunch awaits us. The palace is a luxury hotel, it overlooking the Persian Gulf and has a typically Arab structure, with 114 domes reflecting the various colours of the sand and stones and, of course, the grand dome over 70 metres high. The golden, mother-of-pearl and crystal furnishings are lit up by 1002 chandeliers, the largest of which weighs over 2 tons.
  • We set off again to reach the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the most imposing in the world that can seat up to 40,000 people, a true oasis of tranquillity characterised by a combination of architectural elements typical of various parts of the Islamic world. The archways are substantially Moorish, while the minarets are in the classic Arabic style. The marble is Italian and the 96 interior columns are inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The mosque features 80 domes, around 1,000 columns, 24k gold plated chandeliers with Swarowski crystals and the largest Iranian hand-woven carpet in the world weighing 35 tons. The pools of water along the porticoes reflect its columns, which are lit up in different colours at night thanks to a unique lighting system.
  • After visiting the Grand Mosque, we reach Abu Dhabi airport, where our excursion ends.

What you need to know

Casual elegant clothing is compulsory for the visit to the Emirates Palace, we therefore recommend not wearing low-cut or transparent tops, shorts, jeans, t-shirts or trainers, but rather a collared shirt and closed shoes (women may wear open shoes).

Limited number of places available, book early.

We recommend wearing casual elegant clothing (collared shirt, no sports shoes, t-shirts, jeans or shorts) and closed shoes (women may wear open shoes).

Clothing that is suitable for places for worship must be worn to enter the mosque. In particular, women must cover their heads with a scarf and/or shawl, wear loose trousers that cover their ankles and dresses with long sleeves that cover the wrists. Avoid wearing shorts, beachwear, sleeveless tight/see-through clothes. Men must wear long trousers and short and/or long sleeved tops, avoid sleeveless tops. In addition, all visible tattoos must be covered. Shoes must be removed before entering the mosque. You must comply with the rules or you will not be permitted to enter the mosque.

Local authorities do not allow taking photographs of Sheik Zayed’s tomb.

The excursions is reserved for guests who are leaving the ship with flights departing after 8.30 pm