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The enchanting natural beauties of the island of Aoshima, which can be reached across a bridge, pass before the travellers’ eyes followed by spectacular ocean views worthy of a tropical paradise that can be seen from the top of a hill where we find a strategically located station so we can indulge in some shopping. The icing on the cake is the intriguing visit to a shochu distillery (a particular type of sake) to discover all the secrets of this typical Japanese liqueur.

What we will see
  •  Enchanting island of Aoshima
  • Evocative rock formations along the coast of the island
  • Aoshima-jinka shrine
  • Spectacular Horikiri Toge pass with view of the ocean
  • Michinoeki Phoenix station: shopping and amazing views
  • Visit of a shochu distillery
  • Shopping in the distillery shop

What we will do
  • By crossing the bridge that connects it with the mainland, we reach the small yet lovely island of Aoshima surrounded by enchanting rock formations, perfectly parallel like small waves and called oni no sentaku ita (literally The Ogre's Washboard).
  • At the centre of the island, we can admire the Aoshima-jinja shrine with its bright red architecture. It is often visited by married couples as it is supposed to bring them good luck.
  • We head back on the road towards Aburatsu and stop to visit the spectacular Horikiri Toge pass offering breathtaking views of the coast, the deep blue sea and scenery worthy of a tropical paradise.
  • We stop at the Michinoeki Phoenix station, strategically located a stone’s throw from the ocean along a palmtree-lined street, where we have the chance to indulge in some shopping.
  • The last stop on our excursion is a shochu distillery, a type of sake made with fermented sweet potatoes.
  • While we visit the premises we discover all the secrets behind this typical Japanese drink, which is similar to European brandy, and can even purchase a bottle to take home with us to toast to Japan together with our loved ones.

What you need to know

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