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An excursion entirely dedicated to discovering the amazing island of Marstrand, among the most beautiful in the archipelago north of Göteborg: a journey through its history, typical architecture with the imposing fortress of Carlstens but also a perfect occasion to relax with a stroll along the picturesque alleyways and the chance of a break in the various cafés and eateries that make this place a paradise for the summer holidays.

What we will see
  • Ferry from Arvidsvik to the island of Marstrand
  • Beaches, natural landscapes, restaurants and cafés, small shops and Strandverket gallery
  • Walk along the picturesque alleyways with typical wooden houses
  • Carlstens fortress: massive walls, bastions and towers

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us and start our tour north as far as the city of Arvidsvik, located approximately 40 km from Göteborg and where we board a ferry that in just a few minutes takes us to the island of Marstrand.
  • Marstrand was already known in the past as an important trading centre and the base for the Swedish fleet and can now be defined as a summer holiday paradise due to its numerous beaches, natural landscapes, restaurants and cafés, small shops and the Strandverket contemporary art gallery. But the island still shows traces of its ancient times, such as some caves dating back to the Stone Age.
  • During our visit, we go for a stroll along the picturesque alleyways to admire the typical wooden houses and various sights such as the 19th-century building where King Oscar II used to throw luxurious parties.
  • We then head to the higher part of the island with the imposing Carlstens fortress, built on the request of Charles X Gustav of Sweden after the Treaty of Roskilde concluded in 1658 that handed back the Bohuslän region, and therefore also the island of Marstrand (previously under Danish-Norwegian rule) to Sweden. Over the centuries, the castle was taken twice, but it was always handed back to the heirs of Charles X through long negotiations and peace treaties.
  • We then visit the fortress and admire its massive walls,bastions and towers offering amazing views of the coast and archipelago islands as well as on the hundreds of boats taking part in numerous international sailing and racing events.
  • After visiting the fortress, we return to the ship.