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A marvellous tour to discover the enchanting city of Hakodate with three stops to witness its beauty and peculiarities: a spectacular ropeway which takes us to the top of a mountain to enjoy breathtaking scenery, an incredible star-shaped fort converted into a park wonderful all-season-round and a peaceful Catholic monastery where peace and serenity reign supreme.

What we will see
  • Ride on the scenic Hakodate-yama ropeway
  • Spectacular views from the top of Mount Hakodate
  • Hakodate Asaichi morning fish market
  • Lunch with fish specialities (1500 yen voucher)
  • Goryokaku fort, impressive star-shaped building
  • Stroll in the amazing park of the fort
  • Goryokaku tower: breathtaking scenery 100 metres from the ground
  • Trappist convent

What we will do
  • We start out tour with the Hakodate-yama ropeway which takes us to the top of Mount Hakodate in only 3 minutes, from where we can see the city and the sea laid out below us: a truly breathtaking scenery that deserves a photo-shoot.
  • We continue exploring the city at the Goryokaku fort, a star-shaped defensive building built almost 150 years ago to protect the city. It has since been turned into a magnificent park famous for its 1,600 cherry trees.
  • We walk among the lush vegetation generating magnificent landscapes in all seasons: a profusion of light pink in spring with cherry trees blossoming, emerald green in summer, deep red in autumn and the white of the snow in winter.
  • We explore the 107 metre tall Goryokaky tower offering magnificent views over the entire fortress and surrounding mountains.
  • Our last stop is the Trappist convent in Hakodate, founded in 1898 by eight nuns from France. We admire its buildings, also made of red brick surrounded by a peaceful well-tended garden where guests can breath in spiritual peace while we learn more about the nuns who live here.