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The glorious past of feudal Japan and the military exploits of soldiers and samurai are brought back to life among the charming ruins of Nobeoka castle while enchanting views spread out before us from Mount Atago, followed by a delicious lunch in a restaurant and a pleasant shopping break.

What we will see
  • City of Nobeoka
  • Charming ruins of Nobeoka castle
  • Stroll in Shiroyama park around the castle
  • Mount Atago belvedere: amazing views of the city
  • Restaurant lunch
  • Shopping break

What we will do
  • We head north towards the city of Nobeoka, a lovely combination of ancient and modern elements which, in addition to historic monuments and amazing natural scenery, boasts a state-of-the-art industrial sector employing the most modern technologies.
  • Once there, we visit the ruins of the Nobeoka castle built in 1603. We admire its fortifications, bell tower and defensive bastion designed in such a way that it would collapse on the attackers by removing just one stone.
  • The castle is surrounded by Shiroyama park where we can go for a walk and relax in its pleasant atmosphere.
  • Our next stop is the belvedere on Mount Atago in the centre of the city and which offers amazing views over Nobeoka as far as the sea.
  • As we start feeling peckish, the time is right for our delicious restaurant lunch during which we can cheerily toast the beauty of Japan.
  • After lunch, we enjoy a shopping break in a souvenir shop where we can purchase a few lovely items to take home with us before returning to the ship.

What you need to know
  • There is limited availability of guides that speak English and other European languages?.