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An unforgettable boat excursion dedicated to biodiversity and to the beauty of the Scottish west coast. This short cruise from Oban provides a unique vantage point to admire a wealth of sea animals and amazing views in a timeless scenario. From seals, cormorants and porpoises to grey herons - a series of unusual encounters will make the day a truly memorable one, thanks also to the exceptional setting provided by a picturesque location, surprising natural landscapes and breathtaking views. The Loch Linnhe fjord and the isle of Mull are just some of the natural beauties providing the backdrop to this unexpected and unmissable experience.

What we will see
  • Spotting of sea animals
  • Common seals and grey seals in their own habitat
  • The kingdom of shy porpoises
  • View over the marvellous Loch Linnhe fjord
  • The Scottish Highlands in the distance
  • Isle of Mull and Ben More peak in the background

What we will do
  • Once disembarked in Oban, a short walk takes us to the North Pier where our boat excursion begins.
  • A one-hour cruise enables us to explore the waters lapping the town and observe the surroundings: a unique occasion to immerse ourselves in an unspoilt scenery inhabited by a wealth of sea animals and to enjoy breathtaking views. The strength of this corner of Scotland is its extensive biodiversity, which leads to regular sightings.
  • Lulled by the sea waves, it is easy to see a wide range of birds such as grey herons, oystercatchers, urias, cormorants, eiders and swans. If we are lucky, we can even spot colonies of playful seals in their natural habitats. Two species of seal inhabit this area - common seals and grey seals. They can be distinguished by the shape of their noses, more similar to that of a dog in common seals.
  • Another typical species to be found in this area is the shy porpoise, a sort of small dolphin that usually moves in groups of around ten near the coast, where it is easier to hunt.
  • In addition to the incredible wealth of animals, this marvellous territory can even boast a series of exceptional natural landscapes: during our boat excursion, in fact, we will see a succession of spectacular views of Oban, the marvellous Loch Linnhe fjord, the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Mull in the distance, from which it is sometimes possible to spot the peak of Ben More.
  • At the end of this cruise packed with unusual encounters and breathtaking natural views, we return to the ship moored in Oban.

What you need to know
  •  The boat crew will provide a commentary in English. ?