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Busan’s newest tour attraction, the Busan Air Cruise at Songdo Beach, got off to a great start with tourists in the thousands visiting over its first weekend of operation. It runs 1.62 kilometers and you can enjoy the view from a height of 86 meters. It’s the longest cable car over the sea in Korea. Busan Songdo Beach, Located a mere 3km from downtown Busan, Songdo Beach is a popular escape for the area’s city dwellers each summer. Opened in 1913 as Korea’s first official beach, the beach was named “Songdo” (meaning “Pine Island”) in reference to its bordering groves of pine trees. The beach began to gain popularity in the 1960s for its graceful coastlines, but was damaged by frequent hurricanes and subsequent sand loss. Starting in 2000, the beach underwent a comprehensive 5-year reconstruction and reopened with restored and expanded coastlines and the addition of several fountains. The magnificent cliffs and tree-lined seaside views of Amnam Park bring the harmony of the bluish-green waters and the forested landscape together. Originally a protected area, entrance was not permitted until its opening to the public in 1996, when visitors could first experience the untouched landscape. Now, visitors can fish, explore the observatory, and enjoy the walking path and the elevated bridge. The abundunt pine trees along the walking path makes for a pleasant stroll while the path up to the observatory offers great views. If it is fishing that you want, here you can fish on the ocean as well as off the fantastically shaped rocks. There is also a famous road to go for a drive, leading from Songdo Beach to Amnam Park. This drive takes approximately 5 minutes, but it takes about 20 minutes on foot. A Walk on the Sea at Songdo Beach The As Busan is famous for beaches, it is very busy and jammed with a crowd of people during the summer. Especially the Songdo Beach, located merely 3km from downtown of Busan, began to gain popularity for the area’s city dwellers each summer in the 1960s because of its graceful coastlines. In fact the name of “Songdo” means “Pine Island” in reference to its bordering groves of pine tree. Songdo Beach Skywalk, formally opened as the Korea’s longest and curved sea overpath in June 2015, was equipped with of 104-meter-length (from sea shore island to the lighthouse) and 2.3- meter-width that was made with special steel plate and wood. The bridge was 5.5~6-meters-high above sea level. Visitors are able to see the color of the ocean while the wave rolling under their feet through the floor which made of tempered glass double-reinforced, included strong railing. So this is the place for visitors can securely revel in the sounds of churning waves and an expansive ocean view.

What we will see

• Busan Air Cruise cable car
• Bay and beach of Songdo
• Songdo Beach Skywalk

What we will do

• We leave the port behind us to reach a fabulous tourist attraction - the Busan Air Cruise cable car soaring over the waters of Songdo bay with 10-seater cars suspended between two pillars coming out from the sea.
• The bay of Songdo, flanked by the beach and cliffs, is located only three kilometres from the centre of Busan and is a rather popular destination with the locals wishing to escape busy city life.
• We get on the cable car for a thrilling aerial crossing of the bay enjoying spectacular views of the sea and city.
• We get off at Songdo beach, framed by lovely hills covered in lush greenery and pine trees. There, we enjoy a relaxing break as we take a stroll and admire the meeting between the blue of the sea and the deep green of the surrounding forest.
• We also find a suspended bridge, the Songdo Beach Skywalk, winding over the waters of the bay as a sinuous dragon the shape of which was inspired by the legend of a young fisherman and his love for the daughter of the dragon king of the sea.
• We cross the suspended bridge and feel at one with the sea thanks to the tempered glass sections that create the illusion of walking on water as the roaring waves provide the perfect soundtrack to this magnificent experience surrounded by breathtaking views.

What you need to know

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