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    Nature excursion, Lunch on board

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From the testimony of mining activities of Ancient Egypt within Timna Park to the beauties of the sea life visible from the underwater observatory, with the perfect balance of history, culture and nature.

What we will see
  • Timna Park
  • Temples dedicated to the Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Hathor
  • Underwater observatory

What we will do
  • Upon departing from the port of Eilath, by coach we will reach Timna Park, at the heart of the Red Canyon, one of the oldest mining centres of Mediterranean civilisation. Its copper reserves have been used since the 15th-century B.C. by Egyptian Pharaohs, even if it's name is primarily associated with King Solomon who made this land one of the main sources of richness during his reign.
  • During our excursion, we will encounter truly charming scenery, amongst which the ancient mines and wells, which are up to 37 metres deep, and some rock formations, the so-called Solomon's Pillars, over 50 metres tall and shaped by water and wind.
  • There is no shortage of testimonies from the period provided by the Pharaohs: we will have the opportunity to see some hieroglyphic inscriptions within the two temples dedicated to the Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Hathor , patron goddess of miners.
  • At the end of the visit to the mining complex, we will head to the underwater observatory, a genuine window looking out onto the Red Sea. The display before our very eyes behind the large glass windows of the observatory will definitely leave us open-mouthed: a multi-coloured infinity of tropical fish, ramifications of corals and specific stingray and giant turtle species.

What you need to know
  • Guide in lingua italiana disponibili in numero limitato; qualora non fossero disponibili l'escursione sarà condotta da una guida le cui spiegazioni verranno fornite in italiano da un traduttore locale.
  • The itinerary may be subject to change.
  • This excursion includes a break for shopping for Dead Sea products.