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    Sightseeing, Nature excursion, Meal included

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This excursion will enable us to see the unmissable and most important sites along the journey from the village of Geiranger to Hellesylt: Norway's deepest lake, fertile valleys, a UNESCO protected site, releasing the emotions of even the most expert travellers.

What we will see
  • Village of Geiranger
  • Flydal Gorge, scenic platform and views of the entire fjord
  • Dalsnibba Mountain
  • Stryn Lake and Valley
  • Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre
  • Lake Hornindal
  • Hellesylt

What we will do
  • The Geirangerfjord is described as the most beautiful fjord in the world and this is no exaggeration. Our tour begins surrounded by imposing, steep mountain and countless waterfalls, in the small village of Geiranger.
  • From there, we head to Flydal Gorge, historic point of interest since 1936. Here, we find a break area with services and a platform from where we can admire the Geirangerfjord from above... and take photos of our ship!
  • Next, we head upwards to about 1,476 m, on the slopes of Dalsnibba Mountain where, on clear, sunny days, it is possible to enjoy unforgettable scenery.
  • Next stop: Lake Stryn. Found in the fertile and green valley of the same name, it is a spectacular sight, and one not to be missed.
  • Close to the lake shores is the Jostedal Glacier National Park visitor centre: we will take a break and take some photos to immortalise the stunning landscape.
  • We continue along the shores of Lake Stryn and the banks of the river, heading to Lake Hornindal, which is the deepest lake in Europe, with depths of up to 514 m.
  • We then descend to Hellesylt, one of the area's most important settlements, which is visited by over 100 cruise ships and 200,000 visitors every year. In this idyllic place, whose wild landscape of fjords, rivers and mountains has earned the protection of UNESCO, and whose population has managed to make the most of very difficult conditions, we find our ship awaiting us.

What you need to know
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early.
  • For safety reasons, if the road to Mount Dalsnibba is closed or covered by snow, an alternative panoramic view point will be suggested depending on weather conditions.
  • Participants will rejoin the ship at Hellesylt.
  • The excursion includes a break for lunch.