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In an ancient city, suspended between history and legend, we take a trip through time, visiting the most evocative corners of Messene that will surprise us with its archaeological treasures of rare beauty.

What we will see
  • Ancient Messene, Arcadia Gate
  • Archaeological Museum of Mavromati

What we will do
  • After leaving the port, we venture into the history of Ancient Messene, a city founded by the Theban general Epaminondas in 369 BC on the slopes of Mount Ithome.
  • The city will surprise us with its imposing fortifications, houses, tombs, shrines and public buildings, all of which are in excellent condition. Indeed, the city was never destroyed or covered with sediment and is located in an unspoiled inland area. Nestled between the majestic mountain of Delphi and the flat land of Olympia, the city is located in a fertile valley which is also home to the famous limestone masses once used for the construction of the city's fortifications.
  • We visit the northern part of the city, which is the best preserved, and we admire the Arcadia Gate, in the circuit wall built at the behest of General Epaminondas to thwart the power of Sparta. The Gate is distinguished by its elegance and grandeur and still retains the two entrance arches.
  • The modern village of Mavromati lies in the centre of the archaeological site. What makes it unique? Today the town still receives its water from the ancient Klepsydra fountain.
  • We visit the Archaeological Museum of the village to admire the bronze sculptures unearthed during digs on the site: a real artistic treasure.
  • Having absorbed the peaceful, almost sacred atmosphere at one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Greece, we return to the ship.

What you need to know
  • Due to the steep layout of the site, we recommend that you wear comfortable non-slip shoes.