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Enjoy a leisure drive through the beautiful forests and plantations of Dominica. You will take in the majestic scenery of mountain peaks carpeted in rich rainforest foliage and delight in the colourful tropical flowers and many banana, mango, cocoa, citrus, papaya and avocado trees along the route. We will visit the historical Morne Bruce Gardens, which is the ideal spot for a bird's-eye view of the entire town of Roseau and the Botanical Gardens. After we drive through the Botanical Gardens. Despite the destruction of Hurricane David, in 1979, which reduced the forty (40) acre site to a graveyard of tree limbs, the remains of one school bus can still be seen beneath the large Baobab tree that crushed it. The Botanical Gardens has been restored and give shelter to Dominica's national birds, the Sisserou and Jaco Parrots. There you will have the opportunity to see several of the major species of trees, in the rain forest. From Pond Casse the tour changes course as you drive into the Layou Valley, you will have the opportunity to see the agricultural fields such as bananas, coffee, cocoa and other produces. Your outward journey will take you through the Canefield Estate, home of one of the two airports on the island, and turns to the old Imperial Road bypassing fern-covered hillsides along the winding road. The tour continues to the Sultan Falls for a short hike, bath and photo opportunity. The Sultan falls are one of the gems of Dominica, the absolute highlight of this tour. You can enjoy this rainforest gem where you are able to experience one of Dominica's gems without any strenuous walking. This waterfall gets its names from the amount of water surrounding it. On this trail deep in the UNESCO world heritage site passengers get to enjoy Dominica at its best. Here you will have some time for a walk or a swim in the clear fresh water of the water fall. The tour continues to Springfield Guest House to the centre of the island Pond Casse to capture the scenery of the mountain peaks and the rich rainforest foliage.

What you need to know

Please note: Comfortable hiking shoes/boots or sturdy sneakers are recommended.