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    Sightseeing, Nature excursion, Entertainment, Lunch not included

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An excursion for a guaranteed adventure and an adrenalin rush. We are stunned by the enchanting nature of Belize as we glide on a zip-line and we explore the beauty that lies underground as we drift on inflatable tubes in the waters of a spectacular network of underground caves.

What we will see
  • Jaguar Paw Jungle Camp
  • Walk in the jungle, palm trees, dense vegetation
  • Zip-line, caves
  • Cave tubing, stalactites, Crystal Cave, lagoon, waterfalls

What we will do
  • Once we arrive at the port, we board an air-conditioned coach and head for the heart of the jungle. During the journey through lush savannahs and peaceful villages, our expert guide provides us with interesting information on Belize, its population and local culture.
  • When we arrive at Jaguar Paw Jungle Camp we are welcomed by trained instructors who help us to put on the harness for our zip line adventure. They then accompany us along a short winding path through the dense green vegetation of the jungle, indicating the plant species once used by the native population in their rituals and for medicinal purposes. Surrounded by towering palm trees, we reach a limestone ridge which is the launching pad from where our adventure in the air will begin.
  • We have an adrenalin rush as we glide, suspended in mid-air for about 150 metres, observing from an air-borne perspective one of the caves where the Mayas celebrated their rituals. The next flight is more than 200 metres over the jungle taking in the view from above the lush vegetation that was once the hunting ground of the Mayas. Before this magnificent vision of Nature, we realise why this magical place, with its caves and spectacular canopy of trees, was considered sacred by the Mayas, who chose this place to make offerings and gifts to their gods.
  • With the initial adrenaline rush still in our veins and enthusiasm running sky-high, we remove our zip-line harnesses and put on lifejackets for the second part of our adventure: an unforgettable cave tubing experience exploring the magical Crystal Grotto. We float on inflated tubes inside a cave with a very high ceiling and several stalactites, where it feels like being in a magnificent cathedral with the mighty sound of an organ to welcome us. We follow a winding river and we are stunned with the magnificent rock formations encrusted with crystals.
  • We visit the Crystal Cave on foot and we explore the underground sacred world of the Mayas, where there are artefacts used in sacrificial ceremonies, dating back to a period from 300 to 900 AD. We cross a narrow passage and we find ourselves in front of the breathtaking spectacle of a frozen waterfall and a glittering rimstone dam. We resume our tubing journey towards an underground lagoon flanked by a small waterfall, where our adventure in the depths of the earth ends.
  • We walk back to the base camp, where we can change and buy a souvenirto remember this unforgettable day.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available. Information will be provided in English.
  • Given the large number of excursions and vehicles, we cannot guarantee that a member of the ship’s crew will be available to assist you in your language.
  • There will be a 15-20 minute boat transfer from where the ship is anchored to the pier in Belize City from where the vehicles depart.
  • We recommend bringing cash with you to purchase items as not all stores accept credit cards.
  • Minimum age: 8 years.
  • Minimum height: 132 cm.
  • The excursion is reserved for guests in good health and is prohibited for pregnant women or those suffering from back and neck problems and those with mobility problems.
  • There are toilets on the Jaguar Paw Jungle Camp.
  • Lockers and water shoes can be rented on site (rental is not included in the price of the excursion).