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Explore the heart of the Chilean lake region and admire its more representative towns such as Puerto Montt, the capital, Puerto Varas, with its amazing views of the Osorno volcano and lake Llanquihue, and Frutillar, a part of Germany in South America.

What we will see
  • Puerto Montt, centre, Cathedral, fish market
  • Lake region, Puerto Varas
  • Frutillar, German Colonial Museum

What we will do
  • We cross the main roads of Puerto Montt, capital of the Los Lagos region, ad admire its beauties such as the colourful houses, the Neoclassical Cathedral overlooking Plazas de Armas and the picturesque Angelmó fish market.
  • We continue our tour of the heart of the Los Lagos region with two other unique and beautiful towns - Puerto Varas and Frutillar. * Puerto Varas is located on the banks of the majestic Llanquihue lake, the second largest in Chile after the General Carrera lake. The lovely town is made even more fascinating by the imposing peak of the Osorno volcano, 2,652 metres tall, reflecting in the waters of the lake. We spend our free time capturing our memories of the beautiful panorama or wandering around the stalls of the colourful crafts market to buy a few souvenirs.
  • The other town we visit is Frutillar, on the western bank of the lake. It was founded in 1856 by German colonisers, as can still be seen from its architecture and modern lifestyle. The town is also famous for its beautiful scenery as well as for Music week (the town is in fact also known as the City of Music). We visit the German Colonial Museum, with its precious collection of artefacts and machinery dating back to colonial times, where we also admire a practically perfect reconstruction of a water mill, a blacksmith's and an aristocratic residence surrounded by colourful gardens in full bloom.

What you need to know
  • Do not forget to bring a hat and sun cream, bearing in mind the latitude.
  • We recommend bringing a waterproof jacket in the case of unexpected bad weather.