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Discover the enchantment of the world's first wildlife park built to be viewed at night! Covering an area of 98 acres of dense natural forest, the Night Safari features an " open-zoo" concept where animals are allowed to roam freely in spacious landscaped enclosures separated by the use of moats, valleys, wooden grilles and bushes. Special lighting will enable you to view over 1200 nocturnal animals of over 110 species during their most active time

From the ship, proceed directly to the Night Safari Park. Upon arrival at the Night Safari, a 45-minute tram ride will take you around the two loops of the park. The East & West loop takes you through three continents and eight geographical zones. From the exotic Himalayan foothills to the Nepalese

River Valley over to the Savanna grasslands of Equatorial Africa and the dense jungles of Indo-Malaya. Highlights of some of the animals include the Greater One Horn Rhino, the Cape Giraffes, Malayan Tiger, Cape Buffalo, African Bongo,

Blue Sheep and the Asian Elephants. As you travel through the thick jungles trees, you may also notice that some of these trees tower 130 feet into the sky! After the tram ride, if you can choose to walk on some of the well-lit walking trails. There are three trails for opportunities to come closer to view and "smell" some of the animals! One of the easiest walking trails is the Fishing Cat trail, which features not only the fishing cats, but also the mousedeer and a free ranging bat enclosure.