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This tour explores the ancient heritage and modern culture of Naha, capital city of the Okinawa Prefecture, visiting a magnificent castle before immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the city centre, where we will have the opportunity to explore Naha’s most popular shopping district.

What we will see
  • Shuri Castle
  • Kokusai Dori
  • Makishi market and Tsuboya district

What we will do
  • Today’s tour begins with a visit to Shuri Castle, an imposing fortress that stands on a hill to the east of the city of Naha, overlooking its port.
  • Royal residence, seat of government and place of worship of the ancient Kingdom of Ryukyu, this magnificent complex of fortifications was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the skilful curvatures of its architecture and exquisitely crafted gateways, while its characteristic crimson tones and tiled roofs bear witness to the influence of Chinese culture.
  • Our next destination is Naha’s central shopping district, Kokusai Dori, a bustling 2-kilometre-long street of crowded shops, restaurants and cafés where we will have some free time to explore at our leisure.
  • The streets around Kokusai Dori offer the perfect place to immerse ourselves in local everyday life, venturing into the nearby Makishi market to stroll among the brightly coloured stalls of fresh fish and meat, visiting one of the restaurants on the upper floor to try some traditional delicacies or perhaps straying into the evocative Tsuboya district to browse the workshops where skilled local craftsmen produce exquisite ceramics and traditional crafts.

What you need to know

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