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The amazing city of Kagoshima, often compared to Naples due to its mild climate, with its streets flanked by palm trees, its friendly locals and the Sakurajima volcano provide the setting to a thrilling tour - from the lovely Japanese-style Sengan-en garden, declared a World Heritage Site, and an intriguing museum illustrating the modernisation of Japan to the imposing volcano dominating the city where we can discover the disruptive power of nature as well as its gifts such as thermal waters.

What we will see
  • Stroll around the lovely Sengan-en garden
  • Visit to the Shoko Shuseikan museum
  • Ferry to the volcanic island of Sakurajima
  • Lava Nagisa Park: path among solidified lava masses
  • Thermal footbath in a 100 metre tub
  • Ferry transfer back to Kagoshima
  • Shopping in the Tenmonkan district

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us and drive along the coast towards the magnificent Sengan-en garden,declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and designed in a typical Japanese style offering amazing views of the bay and of the Sakurajima volcano in the distance.
  • After admiring the natural beauty of this fantastic place, we visit the nearby Shoko Shuseikan museum, set up in a former factory dating back 150 years and the first Western-style stone building in Japan.
  • The museum was also declared a World Heritage Site and displays items that document the life of the Shimazu family, their commitment to the industrial sector and the Western technologies that contributed to the modernisation of the country towards the end of the 1800s.
  • We board a ferry which takes us to the volcanic island of Sakurajima, symbol of the city of Kagoshima, dominating the sea with its mountain often topped by a smoke plume indicating the magmatic activity that never sleeps.
  • Once there, we reach the Laca Nagisa Park where we walk along the path winding its way through a mass of solidified lava with unique shapes or immerse our feet in a 100 metre footbath tub as we admire enchanting views with Kinko Bay before us and Sakurajima volcano behind us.
  • After returning by ferry to Kagoshima, we end the tour with a walk around the Tenmonkan district where we can purchase a few souvenirs or try a few local delicacies before returning to the ship.

What you need to know
  • There is limited availability of guides that speak English and other European languages.?