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Jeju’s indigenous folklore and diverse culture can be found in miniature at the Natural History Museum in Jeju City. Exhibits throughout the six halls show off Jeju’s geography, religion, flora and fauna. From there, proceed to the Yongyeon (Dragon Pond) of Yongduam Rock—known for centuries as the playground of dragons. Where the mountain streams meet the sea, the water casts a rainbow among the trees surrounding the Dragon Pond. The cliff in itself is a work of art. Just looking around at the stunning natural surroundings, it is easy to imagine generations of the royal family of the ancient Korean Empire coming here to sit with musical instruments to rest, to be inspired, and to write beautiful poems and songs. The cliff is about 25 feet tall and the trees on the banks of the pool reflect in its stillness. Your last stop will be the Dongmun traditional market, formed in the aftermath of World War II. This popular traditional market has served countless customers in Jeju with diverse items at inexpensive prices.

What we will see

• Natural History Museum • Yongyeon, the “Dragon Lake” • Dongmun traditional market

What we will do

• We start our excursion to discover the charming island of Jeju by visiting the Natural History Museum in Jeju City. Its six exhibition rooms display numerous items illustrating the island’s folklore, cultural and religious traditions, flora and fauna. • Our next stop is Yongyeon, the “Dragon Lake” i.e. a deep enchanting inlet where the freshwater from the mountains meets the sea often creating a rainbow among the trees growing on the towering cliffs. In such a pleasant place, it is easy to imagine the poets and musicians who, over the centuries, chose to sit on the shores of the lake looking for inspiration. • We end our excursion with a shopping break at the Dongmun traditional market, a colourful succession of stalls selling clothing, food and souvenirs at affordable prices. We take a look at the many goods on display browsing for something that takes our fancy before returning to the ship.

What you need to know

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