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    Sightseeing, Nature excursion, Lunch not included

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An incredible excursion which offers the unmissable opportunity to enjoy some of the most enchanting views of Oman.

What we will see
  • Villages perched on mountains 
  • Acacia Forests 
  • Wadis  
  • Sayah Bedouin village 
  • Jebel Harim, also known as the Mountain of Women.

What we will do
  • After disembarking the ship, we take a jeep in the direction of Jebel Harim (the Mountain of Women), with its extraordinary landscape. The mountain is 2180 metres high, making it the highest peak on the Musandam Peninsula. 
  • On our journey towards Jebel Harim, we enjoy breathtaking views of small villages perched on the mountain sides, lush acacia forests and "wadis" which are dry riverbeds. 
  • After a journey of a little more than one hour, we stop in a Bedouin village located at an altitude of about 1000 metres: Sayah, surrounded by palm trees, is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic villages of the peninsula. 
  • After admiring the stunning scenery and taking a few photos, we proceed on our journey towards Jebel Harim. Once we arrive at the summit of this imposing mountain, we can finally admire the spectacular panorama.

What you need to know
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.
  • The excursion may take place in the morning or afternoon.
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • You need to be physically fit to take part in this excursion.
  • The excursion is not recommended for pregnant women, guests with mobility problems or people with neck or back conditions.
  • Minors under the age of 4 cannot participate in the excursion.
  • ?The off-road section will cover rough terrain.
  • The capacity of each jeep is 4 people.
  • This excursion does not include a guide. Information in English will be provided by the driver during the trip.