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A half-day tour dedicated to an ancient Japanese tradition: the hot springs, or onsen. We will immerse ourselves in the warm, spring-fed pools overlooking a magnificent landscape, ending the day with a picture-postcard cliff-top panorama.

What we will see
  • City of Miyazaki
  • Natural onsen hot springs
  • Kurusu-no-Umi cape

What we will do
  • Leaving the port behind, we will travel south to reach the city of Miyazaki**, a peaceful seaside town which, boasting one of the most temperate climates on Kyushu island, is a very popular holiday resort.
  • Home to a number of volcanoes, the region is well-known for its abundance of thermal springs*, whose therapeutic properties relax body and soul and are renowned for their great health benefits.
  • Our first destination is a natural onsen along the River Oyodo, where we will bathe in pools of warm water and experience a traditional ritual of Japanese culture, feasting our eyes on the scenic beauty of the enthralling panoramic landscape before us.
  • Our minds and bodies relaxed and rejuvenated, we will visit a souvenir shop to buy a few gifts or keepsakes to take home.
  • Our final stop is the scenic viewpoint over Kurusu-no-Umi*, a curiously eroded cluster of rocky outcrops whose deep-blue inlets resemble a cross. After taking in the spectacular view, we will return to the port, no doubt reflecting on the view of this truly* unique natural phenomenon** that will stay with us for many years to come.

What you need to know

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