Costa Smeralda

The “Bel Paese” on the sea

Costa Smeralda is born, the sea has found its “Bel Paese”.

Costa Smeralda is the ship that is the symbol of beauty, style and Italian hospitality. Its spaces take the name of and inspiration from the squares of the “Bel Paese” of Italy: as you walk down the wide stair case of the stern, it will feel like you are strolling through Piazza di Spagna, and browsing through shops, bars and restaurants to glimpse the liveliness of magical places like those of Trastevere, with the privilege of a unique perspective, that of the sea. An unforgettable experience to share with the people you love. And, with added value: experience a cruise at the forefront of environmental protection, thanks to an LNG combustion system, the cleanest in the world.

The ship

The best expression of “Italy’s Finest”: quality, style, warm hospitality, entertainment and gastronomy. A unique perspective from the sea, in the centre of new experiences to be shared with those you love.

Activities and entertainment

Everything around you speaks of laughter, games, activities for the whole family. Entertainment has been refreshed, offering new spaces and new moments that accentuate the desire to be together.


The square is traditionally a meeting place, where you can have a coffee or taste some specialties. In addition to restaurants, many occasions and different culinary events become a true feast for all tastes and all ages.


Interactivity, advanced applications and systems are designed to offer a digital experience aimed at the future. Costa Smeralda is a totally innovative ship, even in terms of technology.

The cabin, the city in a room

A marriage between the ‘Made in Italy’ style and design, capturing the essence of the city of art and the most famous places on the peninsula.

The textures and colours of the room, inspired by the city that gives its name to the bridge, create a warm and welcoming ambience. The terrace overlooking the sea, with its veranda preceding the balcony, enhances the ambient brightness and transforms your cabin into an oasis of relaxation, a unique setting as waves lap towards the horizon.

Let yourself be enchanted

Did you know that...

The future of sustainable cruises

100% of the energy that powers Costa Smeralda is from LNG (liquefied natural gas): a choice that makes it possible to reduce emissions of harmful gases, and to achieve new important targets for environmental sustainability.

Costa Smeralda and Costa

The name of the new ship is a tribute to the beauty of Italy and one of its most famous places. The partnership between Costa and the consortium that protects and promotes the brand "Emerald Costa" includes a busy schedule of joint initiatives.

Italy's Finest

Complex, passionate and intense. Italy's Finest is a pride to be shared. Interpreted by a dream team of architects: Rockwell Group and Jeffrey Beers Intl., Dordoni Architetti, Partner Ship Design, under the creative direction of Adam D. Tihany.


Costa Smeralda


Gross tonnage:     182,700 t

Cabin Number: 2,612

Guest Capacity: 6,518

Length: 1105 ft

Number of Restaurants: 11

Crew Capacity: 1,678

Number of Bridges: 20

Number of Pools: 4

Cruising speed: 21.5 kn


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