Due to its natural harbor located on the east coast of the island of Kiushu, Aburatsu is a strategic gateway  for cruises that connect from the south of Japan with the Asian capitals.

Aburatsu, half of our cruise in southern Japan, is the gateway port to the picturesque Miyazaki Prefecture, famous for its beaches and coastal roads. With its mild climate and warm weather, this is a popular tourist attraction in Japan. The waves here make this an irresistible attraction for surfers.
In addition to the zoo, which hosts the largest number of pink flamingos in captivity, a trip to the ruins of the castle of Obi, with the homes of the ancient samurai and the excursion to the island of Aoshima, a national natural monument connected to the Mainland by a bridge, is a must.
Not to be missed:

  • • Peace Tower and Heiwadai Park

  • The island of Aoshima, magnificent tropical gardens with tropical and subtropical plants.

  • The ruins of Obi Castle 


Unmissable shore excursions

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