The largest Russian Pacific port, Vladivostok looks over the bay of the Golden Horn bay that also borders China and North Korea and across from Japan.

Our cruise arrives in the “eastern capital" of Russia: Vladivostok is the terminus for the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, which connects the city to Moscow after a journey of about 5,772 miles. 

In addition to being an important naval base and commercial center, Vladivostok is also a fascinating city with beautiful hills, amazing architecture and numerous islands and bays that are well worth a shore excursion. With a large selection of restaurants and bars and widespread dynamism, you can sense the rebirth of the city after a long period of being stagnant in the 1990s.

Not to be missed:

  • Central Square with the monument to the fallen

  • The two bridges: Golden Horn and the Russky

  • Arsenyev History Museum and Primorsky State Art Gallery