Do legends about Vikings fascinate you? Don't miss this stop on our Costa cruise. We visit the port of Aarhus and we dive into its history.

Aarhus is a real concentration of Danish history and culture. Several civilisations and cultures have passed through the port of Aarhus. The city now enjoys an excellent quality of life. You can admire the Gothic architecture of the cathedral an3d the remains of Viking history in the museum that hosts them. Also, the numerous Aarhus galleries, including the ARoS Museum, are interesting destinations for lovers of art and culture. It is nice to visit the parks and stroll along the canal to fully enjoy this dynamic atmosphere. Not to be missed: <ul>

<li>• ARoS, the Aarhus Museum of Contemporary Art</li>

<li>• Visit to the Aarhus Cathedral</li>

<li>• Walk in Skanseparken Park </li>


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