If you love the fascinating landscapes of the north, take a Costa Cruise to Norway. In Åndalsnes you can go on invigorating walks along the Trolls Road.

Located southwest of Norway, on the banks of the Rauma River that flows into the fjord Romsdal, the town of Åndalsnes is surrounded by mountains and sublime landscapes. The famous Trolls’ Road (Trollstingen), one of the most beloved of Norway, is a magnificent dry fjord whose beauty you can contemplate from the top. Climbing enthusiasts can scale the cliff walls of Trolls to a height of 1100 metres. Fun fact: once you leave the port of Åndalsnes, you'll be amazed by the chapel wagon located in front of the station.

Not to be missed:

• Trollstingen

• Trollveggen

• Raumabanen

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