Surrounded by the shores of the inland sea and the Tsurumi and Yufu mountains, Beppu is famous throughout Japan for its many onsen, hot springs of volcanic origin.

There are about 3,000 onsen with different chemical properties that surround the town in a cloud of steam. Some of these are too hot and powerful for a dip, but you can enjoy similar benefits in one of the many public baths. A visit to the Eight Hells allows us to see where the piping hot water emerges from underground and with different characteristics each time. In the forest at the foot of Mt. Takasaki more than 1,700 Japanese monkeys live and can be observed from the hinterland.There are 60 stone Buddhas from the Usuki Kamasutra period, classified as national treasures.

Not to be missed:

• The Eight Hells

• Bathing in an onsen

• The Stone Buddha of Usuki