Brindisi, a land of merchants, is located in the south east of Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Here there was a thriving bustle of traders, Roman soldiers and Crusaders.

Brindisi takes us back to the era of the ancient merchants and Roman legionnaires leaving for the war. The port of Brindisi, built on the Adriatic South of the Italian peninsula, is in fact considered the gateway to the East. During the stop in Brindisi, you can visit the old town, the cathedral and the numerous Romanesque churches: San Giovanni al Sepolcro and St. Benedict, both dating from the 11th century, Saint Lucia (12th century) and Santa Maria del Casale from the 14th century. Visit the archaeological museum to complete your sightseeing.

Not to be missed:

• La Porta Mesagne

• The Swabian Castle

• The Roman Column

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