In the eastern part of Japan opens the quaint port of Hososhima, an area anchored in centuries-old traditions.

In Hososhima women still use traditional paper umbrellas for protection from the sun and heat. The feeling of being projected into an ancient Japanese print, clean and elegant, is lovely. The port is strategic for shore excursions, reaching some of the most beautiful areas of the Japan, both in terms of history and nature: for example, the natural waterfall of Minainotaki or the valley of cherry trees in the Shiroyama Park, where the ruins of the Castle of Nobeoka, built in 1603, lie, and whose walls are known as "the assissns of the thousand invaders". You can also discover the spiritual serenity of this land by visiting the Omi Shrine, the sacred place known in Japan where the devotion of the pilgrims is quite captivating.

Not to be missed:

• The Temple of Omi Shrine

• The ruins of Nobeoka

• The Minainotaki Waterfall