Kagoshima is an ancient fortified town, also known as the “Naples of the Orient”, for the sun shines on it, the beautiful sea bathes it and the Sakurajima volcano that dominats the town.

Kagoshima is the economic and cultural centre of the southern island of Kyushu, which occupies the southwestern end. The Sengakuen is a wonderful example of a Japanese garden, designed in 1658 as mansion for the feudal lord in power at the time. Not far from the city centre, the Shiroyama forest offers striking views of the city and is the legendary place where the national hero Takamori Saigo took his life along with his companions. The Reimeikan, or the Kagoshima Prefectural Centre for Historical Material, tells of the culture and history of the city with various audiovisual aids and multiple screens.

Not to be missed:

• The magnificent grounds of Sengaku-en

• The forest of Shiroyama

• The Kagoshima City aquarium with sea otters and dolphins