Situated in the eastern part of Hokkaido, the easternmost island of Japan, Kushiro port is a historic city that conceals its treasures in a hinterland of rare variety and beauty.

The Shin-Kushiro River sharply divides the city and the port area. On the east side are the modern anti-seismic terminal, where cruise ships dock and the adjacent Fisherman's Wharf, a multifunctional complex equipped with every service. It's easy to see red-crowned cranes fly up to here, a typical inhabitant of the Kushiro Marsh, the world's largest marshland. In Hokkaido, the spectacle comes from the sky, the Earth and the sea: snowy mountains, volcanic lakes, rivers, volcanoes, hot springs, wildlife, the incredible rainbow flower fields and fresh seafood.

Not to be missed:

• Akan National Park, with its grand mountain landscape

• The active volcano of Mount Meakan

• Lake Mashu, the most transparent in the world