For an Italian, Livorno is synonymous with cacciucco, a wonderful fish dish whose flavour expresses all the strength of the sea.

The stop at the port of Livorno will take you to the Tyrrhenian coast, just in front of the shores of Corsica. This small fishing village became the gateway to the sea of Pisa and owes its beauty and fortification to the Medici family, who conceived the “ideal city” through extraordinary urban planning. Livorno is the starting point for a visit to Florence, a real museum city that combines the grandeur of the Cathedral with a Bell Tower designed by Giotto and the quaint charm of the shops of Ponte Vecchio. You will also be able to visit Pisa and the famous Piazza di Miracoli, where the famous leaning tower stands.

Not to be missed:

• The New Fortress

• The Sanctuary of Montenero

• The romantic Terrazza Mascagni