On the banks of the Rio Negro, a few kilometres from the confluence with the Amazon, is the port of Manaus, an obligatory stop of the Brazil cruise.

Anyone attracted by the charm of the Amazon rainforest must pay a visit to Manaus. In fact, it’s an important capital of ecotourism. One of the most famous attractions is the river beach of Ponta Negra, where the river is low and the dark colour of the water contrasts with the whiteness of the sand. The forest area of the National Institute for Research in the Amazon is a complex of gardens filled with plants and a zoo that is home to some endangered animals. The Federal University of Amazonas has the largest urban forest in the world. The city is beautiful and reflects the strong desire, developed in the heyday of rubber, to turn it into the Paris of Brazil.

Not to be missed:

• A walk in the forest

• Ponta Negra Beach

• A tour of Manaus