In the southeastern part of the peninsula of Hokkaido, the port of Muroran welcomes our Costa Cruise ship to the North of Japan.

Sights: Cape Chikyu, with its white lighthouse pointed out over the Pacific Ocean, the public Aquarium of Muroran with its penguins and the Hakuchō Bridge, which joins the two ends of the Muroran Bay, but forbidden to pedestrians and cyclists due to strong wind. Muroran isn’t too far from the volcanic caldera of Lake Toya, which is well worth an excursion. The Lake, despite its northern location never freezes and is known for the transparency of its waters and its circular shape with a round island in the middle. The forests surrounding it are a green stretch of absolute beauty.

Not to be missed:

• Cape Chikyu and its white lighthouse

• The Hakuchō Bridge

• Lake Toya