Nagoya is the fourth most populous city in Japan, but much less chaotic than Tokyo. It is home to an important community of Italians living there permanently.

The castle has been recently renovated and is well worth a visit. While in the area of the port of Nagoya, you can find a large aquarium and a ship open to visitors, which was used for expeditions to Antarctica. From Nagoya, Takayama and Shirakawa are within easy reach. Takayama, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Japanese Alps, has kept the charm of yesteryear intact . Here, within a century-old brewery, a special sake beer is brewed. While from the District of Shirakawa, you can go to Shirakawago, one of Japan’s historical villages listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The site is famous for its ancient buildings, called gasshō-zukuri, the roofs of which are reminiscent of hands clasped in prayer.

Not to be missed:

• The port with a view of Nagoya

• Takayama

• Shirakawa