The habits and traditions of Japan, so different from Western ones, deserve to be discovered. Naha is a good place to start.

Naha is the capital of the island of Okinawa and the prefecture of the same name. It’s an excellent starting point for excursions to nearby places, such as the visit to Shuri Castle, the former capital of the island. But also the city of pleasant pastimes: stroll along the main street of Naha, Kokusai Dori, and shop in the covered market on the streets of Heiwa Dori and Ichiba Hon. Visit the Shinto temples and the Koshibyo Confucian temple just outside the city and remember that ferries depart from the nearby Tomari port that link Okinawa with the other islands in the Ryuku archipelago.

Not to be missed:

• Shuri Castle

• Shopping on the main street Kokusai Dori

• the Shinto Temple Kokusai Dori