The port of Niigata has long been one of the most important in the Sea of Japan and is one of our stops on our Costa Cruise.

The city of Niigata is situated on the estuary of the Shinano River, Japan’s longest. Niigata is located in the area with the greatest expanse of rice fields across the country, making it the largest domestic producer of rice and sake. The Rainbow Tower is considered the heart of Niigata. From the top of its revolving observation deck, we enjoy an excellent view of the city and you can admire the unique architecture of the houses, designed to cope with heavy snow. For over 400 years, the Hakusan Shrine has brought a multitude of visitors as it is dedicated to a local deity, invoked for weddings.

Not to be missed:

• The Rainbow Tower of Niigata with its beautiful view.

• The Hakusan Shrine

• The beautiful island of Sado to reach by ferry