Ocho Rios

If you take a Costa Cruise to Jamaica you’ll arrive in Ocho Rios. Here you can listen to reggae, drink rum and dance, for the perfect stop on your cruise!

Located north of Jamaica, Ocho Rios port (which in Spanish means “eight rivers”) is an obligatory stop for cruise ship passengers. Its crystal clear waters and lush vegetation surrounding the bay are an invitation to discover this heavenly place. In the land of rum, reggae and freedom, let loose with the jaunty rhythm of this green and well-kept city. Take advantage of the stop in Ocho Rios to learn how to scuba dive or climb the famous Dunn's River Falls. Experience the sea of the Caribbean in all its beauty.

Not to be missed:

• Dunn’s River Falls

• Kayaking on the river Rio Bueno

• Hiking up to the Green Grotto Caves