Immersed in an atmosphere of pure enchantment, the largest of the Cook Islands fascinates with its blue lagoons and white sandy beaches.  

The cruise will take you to discover wonderful beaches, warm waters, crystal clear and rich in fish and coral: all characteristic features of this site. Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook Islands, the South Pacific archipelago, and the capital, Avarua, is located here. The island, of volcanic origin, is also rich in jagged peaks and hidden waterfalls, the most famous of these is Wigmore's Waterfall, which is home to a great diversity of wildlife and lush vegetation, all waiting to be discovered. 

Another perfect place for admiring the beauty of nature, is Maire Nui botanical garden. Not to be missed, is the lively food market "Punanga Nui" in Avarua: an excellent opportunity to sample local dishes and experience the culture of the place.

The Cook Islands, a former British protectorate, is now a parliamentary democracy with self-government in free association with New Zealand. English is one of the official languages, but the Māori language of the Cook Islands has also spread, and a variant called "Rarotongan", from the name of the island.

Not to be missed:

• Avarua

• Wigmore's Waterfall

• Maire Nui botanical gardens